About that Letter Home

The letter home from the story which was posted some time past is intended to be a humorous play on words, a misunderstanding of the historic “facts” Nick relates to Will in regard to the bull of Pope Adrian IV empowering Henry II to conquer Ireland, due in part to Nick’s flawed grasp of history and further complicated by the fact that Nick and Will have overindulged in alcohol during the course of their discussion.  Will is under the impression that the bull is of the bovine variety. In the excerpt from the letter quoted below, I bolded the incorrect names and also added in parentheses their true references.

Old Nick also mumbled on about Pope Hadrian (Adrian) the Fart (Fourth) from the Temple of the Flatulation (Church of the Flagellation), who donated to Ireland a papist (papal) bull with a ring in its neb (Adrian is said to have also handed Henry II an emerald ring as a symbol of his sovereignty over Ireland) and how John Sorcery (John of Salisbury) passed the ring minus the bull along to Henry the Sickened (Henry the Second) and he to Strongblow (Strongbow) and he in turn to de Corset (John de Courcy)… ”


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