March is Nearly Over

Hi All,

It’s been a busy month. Many gigs. One more weekend of them to go.

Here’s a couple of pics.

Bill's old tavern March 10 2018Bill's old tavern March 17 2018dublinerMarch162018Belmar

In between all of the gigs, work continues on my short story collection, Clattering, and also on a commissioned historic preservation work. See below for the working cover.

All the Best,




Happy March

Hi All. It’s been a busy one so far, even with all of the bad weather we’ve been seeing. The photo below is from this past Saturday at Bill’s Olde Tavern in Hamilton. Three awesome operatic singers out for a bit o’ fun! We’ll be back there on St. Patrick’s Day from Noon until 2pm so please stop in.

Bill's old tavern March 10 2018

Recording Session

Last Saturday night Kaitlin, Chris, Andrew, and I  spent a few hours in the recording studio laying down audio tracks for the Comma Music, a Chicago-based music library company. It was fun. We recorded instrumental tunes—jigs, reels, & hornpipes. To learn more about Comma Music, visit their website.

Update March 2: The tunes we recorded for Comma Music Library or now loaded to their site. Go here and filter for Public Domain. We’re the selections directly above Mozart. If you click the top one, the rest will auto feed.


Remembering Pearl Harbor


My former band, orchestra, and French Horn instructor, the late Lloyd Snyder. He was stoic as a rule, but one December day he brought his US Navy horn in to show me during our private lesson. It went down with his ship at Pearl Harbor and to all appearances had been underwater for centuries.

Belmar Public Library

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The guitar on the lawn at the Belmar Library is a tribute to the E-Street Band, which in its early years used to practice down the street at David  Sancious’ mother’s house at 1107 E Street