CLATTERING – Work in Progress

Greetings. I am currently working on a novella entitled CLATTERING, to be published the summer of 2018. In addition to the novella Clattering, this collection includes short stories and memoirs about the Penn Central, Conrail, and AMTRAK railroads and also an exclusive interview with Virginia Hulick, a retired traveling nurse who served on the Florida to New York trains of the Seaboard Air Line, Seaboard Coastline, and AMTRAK railroads.  The story collection incorporates several period photographs of the Penn Central, Conrail and AMTRAK railroads.

Clattering is the first of three sequels to my Irish historical fiction novel Six Counties Sevens Sins. Blaming himself for the untimely death of his friend and fellow missionary, William Stone, Brian Blaney has resolved to kick his multiple addictions. While riding home on The Wall Street RDC train from Newark to Birmingham Junction in the company of a cousin’s romantic interest, an epiphany unearths the root of Brian’s self-destructive lifestyle.