Update: Ride The Crusader

Updated 6 Sept 2018

As summer draws to its close, I continue daily work on the novella formerly entitled Clattering and now dubbed Ride The Crusader. As things now stands, I anticipate that story will run about 60-80 pages in length. With this in mind, I have elected to publish the story minus the memoirs described below. They will instead appear in a future publication.

I have yet to complete any of the other shorter stories and memoirs, although most are now outlined. Some of my never before published photos are ready, but several needed for the travelling nurse interview have yet to be scanned. We hope to meet to me with Virginia next week to do so, and to also finish the interview proper. Ten or so questions yet remained unanswered. She has quite a few 35mm slides from her railroad days, and also a collection of photos and handouts from their annual reunions, which were held in Florida in the years following the end of the travelling nurse era.



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